ButlerGroup May 2009 London

Very Interesting Symposium on Information Workers and new technologies.

Information management and collaboration technologies continue to be great levellers, as they enable smaller organisations to compete with much bigger companies and, when used effectively, enable larger enterprises to manage and maintain growth, scale, and agility. While it is undoubtedly an organisation’s transactional IT systems that provide the motive force required to compete within a given market, it is the business or institution’s information management and collaboration systems that enable that organisation to perform well by informing judgement, supporting decisions, and actuating strategies. Companies and institutions are neither precise nor perfect: they are what we call ‘fuzzy’. They are fuzzy because the information used to run them is usually blurred, indistinct, and incomplete. It is the job of the CIO to reduce this fuzziness, and in order to accomplish this he or she must strike the right balance between investments in people, processes and technologies.