The Benefit of Working Out in the Morning.


This morning I cycled to work. Not along this path on the picture, but it had the same effect in a way that I felt more relaxed, energized and ready for the day ahead. How does that work for me???

The benefit of working out before you get to work are a numerous. Let me just mention a few. At the Mayo Clinic site you can find these. More energy, impressing your co-workers ;-), a sense of accomplishment and general well being are just a . I am also convinced that you will have from the start and for a longer period of time a higher sense of awareness. All benefits your boss will like to see I am sure.

What I especially like of exercising in the morning is reducing the risk that you won’t at the end of a day of hard work. A lot of times I hear friends say; I didn;t work out today because when I finally got home I was to tired to do anything anymore and I just felt like watching TV.??

My strategy for that is getting up an hour earlier than you’re used to and exercise in that ‘extra’ hour you created for yourself. Even with three kids like me, that’s possible.??

So here’s my advice; Get up earlier, exercise and have more energy during the day to do the other stuff you need to do. Good luck!!


(for those who want to know, here are??the details.??Next to the fact I like to work out, I am a sucker for statistics. But anyway.)

To Change or Not to Change

A good friend of mine was given the advice to think really hard?? about the following question; "Consider for yourself if this is still the right company for you?"

This question was asked by his direct supervisor in a conversation during a half year review. No prior knowledge was given to him that indicated that this question was going to be asked. So he was surprised to say the least.


The background to the question was that his role within the organization had changed and that he was doing other activities than the company expected of him. This became clear in the conversation. During the role change it was not really explained to him that these new levels of expectation existed. His manager said that h

is performance was good. His theoretical work on new influences within his work field were considered on the mark and very innovative for the industry. But it was the company and its managers who could just not cope with such new ways of dealing with problems. In fact his manager was saying, You are doing a great job but our company can??t handle the amount of change you are proposing. It??s our culture to be static, is basically what this manager said to my friend.


As he called me later that evening after this talk he asked me; "Did I just get fired or was it a compliment he had just received?" I answered him that is was obviously difficult for the manager to bring this message to him and that my friend should consider if he wanted to be in this company.

Sometimes you change in a job role you can not imagine at the beginning of the outset. Your company is willing to change with you or you need to make up your mind and change for yourself. In most cases this will mean you will have to find a new line of work in a different company. Unless your job is to change the culture of a company it is not likely that culture will change during your job.



The only way that culture will change is through the project that will change the culture. ??My friend checked next year's calender; that project was not listed in next year??s programme.