Comments are still very rare

I have been using Posterous now for a little more that a year I guess. I like the ease of use, the capacity to mail a post or the really simple way you can share content you find on this website.

I have posted more than 300 posts by now and have had more than 17000 views on these posts. What I am missing in this is that I find little commenting on the posts. And I am wondering why that is. 

Is it because the post is not intended to react? Is there not a point of discussion in it? All very well possible off course. Maybe it is just to easy to come by. Consume the content and be on your way to the next chunk of information.

I am reflecting on this because I have noticed with myself for instance that I am less and less drawn to Facebook. I just don´t want to read stuff anymore. It´s fun but I just don´t find I have the time for it anymore. Or better I feel I don´t want to make time for it anymore.

So I want to do a couple of things over the next few weeks. I will bring together even more streams of information into this one blog. I will ´kill´ of the other streams I find I am not using as much as I thought I would at the beginning. And I will write more posts with my point of view than the point of view from others. 


How I will do this I have not figured out yet. I would love to write stuff on GTD for instance and keep that seperate from other flows. Maybe I should be tagging more than I have done sofar. I know it will be something that will present its self in due time.


The perfect escape: The house on a rock – Holy Kaw!

For anyone who???s longed to get away from it all, even if just for a few hours, few destinations could beat this house on a rock in exotic Zanzibar.

In fact, the isolated dwelling is a restaurant specializing in ??? what else? ??? fresh seafood. Patrons either have to swim to the tiny island or wait for low tide to enter in a more traditional fashion. Just make sure to finish in time to walk back; Mom always said not to swim after you eat.

Full story at Gizmodo.

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