IBM White Paper on Patient Centered Healthcare and Capturing Value #yam

What can leaders do to make analytics pay off?

Research shows that healthcare providers who employ a patient-centered care approach can reduce costs, increase revenues and improve quality of care throughout their organizations.

The IBM white paper, Capturing Value from Patient-Centered Care, examines how healthcare leaders can successfully manage massive amounts of clinical data to address three common challenges:

  • Coping with spiraling costs
  • Providing reliable access to care
  • Improving clinical and administrative work flows

Hope you find this an interesting piece.

CapturingValue-Patient-Centered-Care.pdf Download this file

Expanding Social Media Branche #yam

Posting Voice messages on Twitter and Facebook

Today I setup a new branch of my everexpanding Social Media tree. Via XOIP Social I can now call my own free number and leave a voice message that will directly post to Twitter and Facebook.

I allready used this XOIP service for faxing and voicemailing straight into my email account as a .wav file of .PDF file, but this new possibility sets a new standard. How nice it is to just leave a voice message to all your followers by just calling a number.

I will be curious to find out over the next few weeks what this will bring. I can imagine that with the recent events in the Middle East this will bring a new level to Citizen journalism in general and more specifically; live coverage of current events on the spot as they happen, to a different set of rules.