It’s going to be a (couple of) beautiful day(s)…


Above some views as I cycled to work this morning. It is going to be a beautiful couple of days looking ahead. Today first of all of course the ‘Made by Google’ event from New York and Paris. You can find everything you need to know about the Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixelbook Slate etc. etc. here on this excellent website.

But there is more exciting stuff this week.

Tomorrow I will be part of the Design Thinkers Conference Day Zero in Amsterdam discussing Smart Cities – Inclusive & Empathic. This is an invitation only event that gathers experts in foresight, thought leadership, futurism, urban planning, social entrepreneurship & change agents to find solutions to some of the critical barriers that stop us from progressing in our society and making cities livable for our future generation. This is part of my ongoing activities within the Creative Leadership Platform (formerly DesignersDNA).

Since Wednesday is  only Day Zero there is more to come. On Thursday and Friday I will join the Design Thinking Conference ‘Through Different Eyes”. It is the second edition and just like last year there will be a wide range of different speakers and activities.

It will be an exciting, exhilarating, immersive and energy-consuming and -producing couple of days. I will probably meet some people I met last year and obviously some new acquaintances will be in the process as well. Combine this with a couple of days in the capital in a small hotel at the Prinsengracht and you see why I am looking forward to this.

The goal of this knowledge seeking adventure is off course to be able to implement these newest insights into the workshops as I have been giving them this last month. Since I know what to expect of the conference from last year, I expect to have a much greater learning experience.

So keep an eye out for any updates these next couple of days. It’s going to be fun. If in the meantime you would like to know more about design thinking, workshops or innovation management, feel free to reach out to me.

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Workshop Day 2 impression #CIALE #DOON #i3B @HealthValley

collage_workshop dag 2

Day 2 with Vicarvision. Working on Stakeholder mapping, Target groups and Persona’s. From there we can move into new Value Propositions based on various products, markets and customers. Energy remains high and we can also iterate on certain models to make the canvasses better suited for the specific questions that Vicarvision has.

To me this is one of the strengths of the methodology. That with a few tweaks in the canvas you can even make it more personally attractive to this specific group.

Again great working with @joyceoomen and @hugobakkenist

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collage_Lublin at night

A very nice walk through Lublin this afternoon and early evening. Along the castle and later on along the square with the fountains. Tomorrow last presentations in Health 2.0 session and flying back home with the Polish delegation.

Frame the Design Challenge… @healthvalley with #ZGV for the #nurses

collage_ZGV SDT workshop

Just home from delivering a Design Thinking workshop at hospital ‘Gelderse Vallei’.

They had a specific challenge at HR. We discussed various formats, but the essence of the night was in the confession of one of the nurses that she although had only slept for 4 hours coming from the night shift, she felt the urge to be present and take matters in her own hand. Along the canvas of her specific ‘target group of nurses’, she made an emotional appeal to the audience that things really had to change. And she gave very specific and detailed information as to the where, why, how and what of what needed to change.

Only when she told her story, it was obvious for all the people present what the real issues were in the organization. It was in this moment where one of the actual ‘end- users’ in the hospital took the stage that the crowd confessed to understand the real sense of urgency of the issue at hand.

It is in these moments that I feel the true power of the SDT framework in reality. Practical, hands-on and maybe even in this specific case very ‘in your face’ . Thanks to this very brave person I think a group of professionals in the hospital has met their ‘ikigai’ once again. They will go to work tomorrow with a new elan. A new sweetspot to aim for, everyday again.

Thank to all the participants tonight for this very magical moment.