Creative Leadership Program @Philips Amsterdam

It was a very interesting day again with the team of Creative Leadership program, formerly the DesignersDNA network. (by invitation only, 😉

We get together every 2-3 months with representatives of large corporates like Philips, ABN, AkzoNobel etc. to discuss pressing issues that live inside various corporations.

The guest company can bring forward a specific challenge which we can try start solving with the  group that is present. Every now and then this will bring a day with great new insights, ways to innovate and in general always an exchange of thoughts with like minded people around the subject of design thinking.

We went out into the street to test certain campaign assumptions on complete strangers and came back in with a lot on new input on products, marketing, consumers, price and needs.

A day well spent….

If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to me at Twitter @victorhaze

Luxembourg Becomes First Country to Make All Public Transit Free | ArchDaily

via Luxembourg Becomes First Country to Make All Public Transit Free | ArchDaily

So this is good news on Blue Monday. It can be done. Trying to move reduction in carbon footprint for an entire, even though small, country. All it takes is political willpower, I imagine.

Really also an alternative for a small country like ourselves, I expect. Must look into if this has even been contemplated in NL and why it has not yet been materialized.

Preparing the new 2019 #bulletjournal

One of the finest moments of the year. Breaking in a new #bulletjournal.

As you can see I am using the Stalogy A5 notebook. Imported from Japan this booklet has served me well over 2018. Some of the pages, starting with the archive of these past years.

My method goes back to March 2014. As you can see I have been using quite some different types of notebooks until I found this one.

With a little higher price it still is economical when only one is needed during the whole year.

More pictures of the new setup will follow shortly.