Boosting Your Productivity And Enhancing Your Focus At Work (infographic)

Beautiful infographic that can help you convince your boss to go for standing desks and a lot more work related improvements.

Are you slouching in your chair and losing focus at the drop of a hat? Fear no more with this infographic on productivity and workplace well-being.

Source: Top Tips For Boosting Your Productivity And Enhancing Your Focus At Work

A Collection of (human) (centered) Design Tooling options…

For years I have been using methods and tooling from the (Service) Design Thinking world. I have written about it earlier on this blog about the theory etc. You can find some earlier attempts here and there.
What strikes me is the abundance of material out there. So I thought an attempt in some collecting tools and methodologies would be nice.

Related stories (in Dutch)

Service Design Thinking Challenges
De vijf eigenschappen van Service Design

As I am trying to get all the various sources of information on this one page I realize with the first two books that I am listing it really isn’t hardcore SDT maybe, but let’s expand the horizon a little then. The books by Osterwalder might not be precisely within the HCD realm, but they do posses a mindset needed to be able to understand innovation, business development and in my case being able to help and support (starting) entrepeneurs.

Tools / Toolboxes

The Field Guide to Human Centered Design
A beautiful designed toolkit from to download in PDF. But you can also buy it in hardcopy from the same site.

DIY (development impact and you) Toolkit
A web-based toolkit that you can download in various PDF formats and is based on a variety of questions on what you would like to accomplish. More like Jobs to Be done. For instance: I want to get to know the people I work with…
I want to look ahead…or I want to develop a clear plan….
Very useful, all the tools are related to eachother but also to be used seperately if you want to. Basically it is a menu that you can choose from to compose a complete traject.
I have used the templates myself for various workshops. What I really like about it is that you can print them in different A1 through A4 formats.

Collective Action Toolkit by frog
A global design company whose director I once met at Singularity U. I have not yet worked with this set, but came across it while researching this topic.
The Collective Action Toolbox (CAT) puts design-thinking tools in the hands of local change agents to transform communities.

You can download the CAT at their website when you leave a name and email adress.

Hyper Island Toolbox
An online resource with five different areas of interest. Energizers, Innovation, Self-leadership, Action and Team. You will find most HCD tooling in the innovation category. They also have quite an extensive training program and will contact you when you look around at their site. I believe they have a great old prison type building as their location break out in Sweden. Read their corporate story over their first location here.

What can you say about this site and organization. David Kelly is I think considered to be the ‘inventor’ of the framing around Design Thinking. If you are not getting enthusiastic when you watch these videos on their site I don’t know what will… 😉
An Amsterdam based group of Design Thinkers in 18 different countries. From their website:
Design Thinking is a mindset to develop and deliver innovative ideas, change and solutions to complicated problems. It is an activity-based process with a strong emphasis on teamwork and co-creation. Our mission is to provide space and time for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged, to ‘learn-by-doing’ and strengthen their ability for creative problem solving and help organizations build the necessary environment and mind-set.
I have worked with founders Arne and Tim on several occasions to develop what we called a pressure cooker patient journey for chain related healthcare issues. Very pleased with that result in 2014/2015.

The Design Council

An UK based council, established in 1944 to demonstrate the value of industrial design in reviving postwar Britain, the Design Council is now an enterprising charity which works to improve people’s lives through the use of design
They have a lot of resources on their website.

PDF Innovation by Design
PDF Design for the Public Sector

Stanford Social Innovation Review

These websites all form a good source of SDT related material. Their blogs are easy to follow with a RSS feed so that makes for easy curation of the various information flows.


In no particular order a collection of books and/ or articles I have been reading over the last 5 years that might be of some use to you. The links refer to pages on where you can buy the books should you be interested.
These first two are maybe not so much in the HCD department but they have brought me a lot on the concept of business modelling and looking at various ways to the core of a problem or challenge. In that sense they can help you achieve a better mindset to be able to help entrepeneurs/start-ups in their business development efforts.


Business Model Generation, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Peigneur.
Value Proposition Design, same authors.

Also very fond of the two books by professor Jeanne Liedtka ‘Designing for Growth” The serie offers a very practical, hands-on way to start working in the design thinking field. You also might want to consider their MOOC offering through the Darden School at the Virginia University. Four modules of 4-5 weeks video led training and website exercises gives you a very broad array of the playing field. Also their 10 step project guide is very useful to combine in your own way.

Some interesting #Healthcare #Innovation #events in #Germany

For some years I have been working on connecting the Dutch entrepeneurs from Health Valley region to the German ecosystem on innovation and Healthcare. In order to do that it is vital that you as an SME meet the Germans. As I was told last week at the Medica by a Dutchie working in Germany for many years; “Germany is a event networking nation. ” You have to be at the event to meet your possible next collaboration opportunity.

So here below you will find a number of interesting events in the coming weeks to meet the neighbors on MedTech, Nanotechnology, innovation and personalized medicine.

Hope to see you there! Let me know so we can team up at the event!

(and yes it’s  in German….sorry 😉

Save the date:

MedTecVenture.NRW – Innovative Geschäftsideen für die Medizin von morgen

Nach drei erfolgreichen Runden in den Jahren 2012, 2013 und 2014 lädt der Cluster InnovativeMedizin.NRW wieder zum MedTecVenture.NRW ein: Am 18. Januar 2017 treffen Start-ups, junge Unternehmen, Investoren und strategisch arbeitende Branchenpartner zusammen, um innovativen Geschäftsideen für die Medizin von morgen auf den Markt zu verhelfen.

Unternehmen haben bei diesem Branchentreffen die Möglichkeit, mit ihrer Geschäftsidee vor Publikum zu pitchen. Interessante Panels mit Investoren, Netzwerkern und Business-Partnern runden das Programm ab. Einen entspannten Ausklang mit einem Imbiss in angenehmer Atmosphäre verspricht der anschließende Networking-Teil.

Unternehmen, die sich für einen Pitch interessieren, werden gebeten, sich mit ihrem Produkt bzw. ihrer Geschäftsidee in einem Kurzprofil zu bewerben.


Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter:     

Zwei Tage im Zeichen der Nanotechnologie – mehr als 700 Gäste erwartet:

Die 7. NRW Nano-Konferenz setzt neue Maßstäbe

 Die am 7. und 8. Dezember 2016 in Münster stattfindende 7. NRW Nano-Konferenz verspricht eine äußerst hochwertige und abwechslungsreiche Veranstaltung zu werden. In den Schwerpunktthemen „Gesundheit“, „Elektronik“, „Neue Werkstoffe“, „Sicherheit und gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz“, „Energie“ und „Geschäftsmodell Nanotechnologie“ sowie den Business Pitches erwarten die Besucher mehr als 60 interessante Vorträge von Expertinnen und Experten aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Die ausgebuchte Ausstellung und über 120 Poster von NRWs Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftlern vervollständigen das Programm.

Die Keynotes international renommierter Sprecher geben hochaktuelle Einblicke in „Cutting-Edge Technologies“. Plenarvorträge der europäischen Kommission und des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung informieren über die Strategien und Aktivitäten, sowohl auf europäischer als auch auf Bundesebene.

Für Besucher ist die Teilnahme an der NRW Nano-Konferenz kostenlos, die Anmeldung ist noch bis zum 27. November möglich. Weitere Informationen und die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung finden Sie unter


PerMediCon 2016: Redefining Health Care in the Genome Era

Am 30. November und 1. Dezember 2016 öffnet die PerMediCon in Köln ihre Pforten – Europas einzigartige Kongressmesse für personalisierte Medizin. Den Themenschwerpunkt bildet in diesem Jahr die genomische Onkologie. Im Rahmen der drei Begegnungsformate – Fachkongress, Ausstellung und Call for Projects – können sich Fachbesucher über neueste Trends und Entwicklungen im Bereich der personalisierten Medizin informieren und in den aktiven Austausch mit anderen Akteuren treten.

Der Cluster InnovativeMedizin.NRW engagiert sich beim Fachkongress mit einer eigenen Podiumsdiskussion („Smart Health Data – Digitales Datenmanagement für eine personalisierte Medizin“, 30. November 2016, 14:30 Uhr), zu der wir Sie sehr herzlich einladen, sowie einem Gemeinschaftsstand in der begleitenden Ausstellung.

Weitere Informationen zum Kongressprogramm und zur Ticketbuchung erhalten Sie unter


Health 3.0: Innovation – Qualität – Nachhaltigkeit

Auf der Gesundheitskongress „Health 3.0“ (01. + 02. Dezember 2016 in Düsseldorf) diskutieren Entscheidungsträger aus Krankenversicherungen, Krankenhäusern, Kliniken, Forschungseinrichtungen, der pharmazeutischen und medizintechnischen Industrie, der Politik, der Wissenschaft und der Administration auf allen politischen Ebenen aktuelle Themen.


Folgende Themen stehen dieses Mal im Fokus:

  • Desruptive Innovation: Digital Health – Vorsprung durch intelligenten IT-Einsatz?
  • Im Blickpunkt: Arzneimittel, Arzneimittelpolitik, Arzneimittelindustrie
  • Die Zukunft der sektorübergreifenden Patientenversorgung – Deutschlands Innovationsklima im Fokus
  • International: Die Niederlande zu Gast auf der Health 3.0
  • Europäische Gesundheitspolitik – Zielorientiert und visionär?


Die Kongressleitung liegt bei Dr. Stephanie Stock (Institut f. Gesundheitsökonomie, Universität Köln), Dr. Dr. Alexander P.F. Ehlers (Fachanwalt f. Medizinrecht, Facharzt f. Allgemeinmedizin, Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner) und Jürgen Zurheide (Journalist).


Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter

Digital Transformation Has the Big Guys Nervous About the Little Guys

Innovating quickly during a digital transformation is essential for businesses to stay alive in the face of competition.

Source: Digital Transformation Has the Big Guys Nervous About the Little Guys

Excellent article that resonates with me because of the fact I see this behaviour nowadays almost daily in my role as mentor in the Digital Health Accelerator program at Rockstart. It is exactly these ideas and attitude that make such great innovative companies.

Never a dull day @HealthValley

The calender of today looks like this…

End presentation Science Management and Innovation students on a research project they did for Health Valley. Then team meeting. Lunch with the tenants of Novio Tech campus. Then off to Sint Maartenskliniek for a demonstration of one of our partners around 3D scanning with a orthopedic application. After that back to NTC for a conference call around start-ups and health insurers reimbursement possibilities. To leave for Germany and visit the IHK Neujahrsempfang 2016 in Duisburg…