Coincidence does not exist…continued…again.

As I was listening to an old song from Al Jarreau ‘I will be here for you’ that an old friend shared with me some time ago I came across Al’s rendition of ‘Take Five’ …wow exactly the message I was looking for…won’t you take some time…take a little time, girl, if you want to…so powerfull…

The power of an automated playlist

is to encounter new relevant songs…Paloma Faith

Started off this morning with Jess Glynne, via Clean Bandit, then suddenly comes this one along, followed by this recent rendition of an old Oasis evergreen; Don’t look back in anger

It only leads to my conviction that there is no such thing as coincidence as I said so many times to you…

Looking forward…

In July Robbie Williams will perform his Heavy Entertainment show at the Goffert Park in Nijmegen. As a kind of prelude, I am listening to his older albums like ‘Intensive Care’. And then suddenly you come across great golden oldies like ‘Make Me Pure’ or “A Place to Crash”.

I do hope so he will put some of that good old $#@t  on his playlist!!! Come Undone!!!

Or look up the opening lines of “Ghosts”… Looks like we could have made it…

#listen2themusic #serendipity

For a more elaborate explanation of the term serendipity you can best read this Dutch article.

This morning I am listening to unknown music as this best helps in focusing when you have a task to do. Known music distracts you too much since the music takes you to the memories associated with the music. In my case not desirable since I had to write a number of poems…Dutch people know why, others will have to look into the story about Sinterklaas.

The unknown music I am using is the album Shape Shifter by Santana. I had never listened to it very closely I must admit, but while I was working I couldn’t help but the music penetrating my conscience. I was struck by the light melancholic tone of it combined with the positive vibe of Latin American music. It reminded me of something but I was not quite sure what it was.

Then I took a closer look at the various titles of the songs on the album…right there and then I felt something hit me without a doubt.

“Angelica Faith, you are Ah Sweet dancer after a Spark of the Divine in the Light of A New Day I will never be the same again.”

That’s a love story in itself…beautiful to be able to read something between the lines.

Discovering something by change meeting, serendipity…

I feel so much better now… 😉