Listen to Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho van Al di Meola

I must have listened more than a thousand times to this performance. It never seizes to amaze me.

The reaction of the crowd to the crescendo halfway. And the builtup to the finale. The final ‘umuhm’ of one of the guitarists at the final chord stroke. Unbelievable, goosebumbs after all these years…

Connecting Title Radio…

Last week I was listening to a Google radio suggestion based on my preference for Oscar and the Wolf music listening habit.

Obviously it was called “Oscar and the Wolf-radio” . As I was listening to it I came across some new names of bands and songs. I started to make a new playlist and coined it ‘Wolf Radio’ . Before I knew it I had a pretty nice listing of new unknown music.


Then something funny happened as I heard a cover of a Bowie favourite of mine. As I went through the list of songs I was struck by a number of titles that seemed to have a title that in a way connected to either the previous song or the next one.

That combined with the lyrics that I was listening to I thought I could make up a story by just placing the titles of the song in a particular sequence. If you listen to the songs, the titles and the lyrics you too can make your own story line.

You can find the public play list called Connecting Title Radio here. Hope you enjoy it as you listen to it and make your own images and reflections. Let me know what you think of it.