Fun with my son…

Listening to ‘Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) – From “The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift” Soundtrack’ by Teriyaki Boyz on @Sonos #NowPlaying

Lost & Found…the movie…

Just saw the movie ‘Lost & Found‘ in a hotel room in Brussels.

To add a little melodrama to the setting. The movie is set in Berlin, a city I also love.

He plays a novelist with writer’s block! She is Hannah Hoekstra…duh…

They meet by change, ten years after they had a great head-over-heels love affair in South-America, in Berlin. That affair didn’t end that well after she never responded to the many letters he wrote to her after they returned to Europe.

They spent the night in Berlin walking, talking, dancing in a silent disco, and contemplating what could have been, if things had taken another turn.

Falling in love is easy, anybody can do that. After that sticking to it no matter what, is what really counts…’

Will they finally manage to leave the past behind, you will have to see for yourself.

I really loved this movie.

#paralleluniverse #nosuchthingascoincidence


In search of …

Last September we lost our good friend. In her dying days she admitted how much she would have loved to have seen the Northern Lights.

She traveled the world’s countries extensively.

She had even a trip planned in case she would have enough time before she would pass away. In the end she did not make it and the cancer got to her sooner than expected.

We thought it would be a fitting way to remember her by visiting Lapland with a groupd of friends that were closest to her.

So we did and we are here now. In Kuusamo, Finland.

Chasing the Northern Lights, remembering her laughter, walking in a winter wonderland, in total silence, remembering her stories.

Listening to Thomas Azier, Babylon. Talking aloud, playing games.

Making a lot of jokes. Laughing and drinking. And good food. Very important.  To her.

To us. ‘Pretty Infiniti’ seems a song that fits the surreal landscape and bizarre situation of a death way too early, way too soon…

Connecting Title Radio…

Last week I was listening to a Google radio suggestion based on my preference for Oscar and the Wolf music listening habit.

Obviously it was called “Oscar and the Wolf-radio” . As I was listening to it I came across some new names of bands and songs. I started to make a new playlist and coined it ‘Wolf Radio’ . Before I knew it I had a pretty nice listing of new unknown music.


Then something funny happened as I heard a cover of a Bowie favourite of mine. As I went through the list of songs I was struck by a number of titles that seemed to have a title that in a way connected to either the previous song or the next one.

That combined with the lyrics that I was listening to I thought I could make up a story by just placing the titles of the song in a particular sequence. If you listen to the songs, the titles and the lyrics you too can make your own story line.

You can find the public play list called Connecting Title Radio here. Hope you enjoy it as you listen to it and make your own images and reflections. Let me know what you think of it.