Innovation in times of crisis…

“These are strange times. Also for me in my role as innovationmanager at Health Valley. In our mission there are words like connection, matchmaking, business support for entrepeneurs and care professionals. Normally we will do this in real life, but needless to say; everything is different nowadays. I guess it took me a week or two where things felt really strange. After which reality became quickly the new normal.

It took another week for everybody to get used to videoconferencing to make it seem like now we have never done differently before.  

Suddenly everything is different and we try desperately to give meaning to it all, this new reality. Digitalization, transformation are now concepts popping up in industries which for years seemed to have better excuses and reasons not to use technological possibilities, were unable to implement new products or ways of working. Adhering to the adagium; ‘it just works different at our place; this is not how we do things around here….’

And now it is possible. It is a must. A way of survival. And it is really a shame that it took such a profound crisis to have changes like video calling in healthcare now seemingly a new reality. Because I can not imagine that we are trying to close the lid on this box we have opened up. I take it that the phrase; “Videocall, unless… or maybe even ‘Digital, unless’ will be the new way of working. OR at least a reasonable alternative to the existing analogue defunct way of working we keep clinging onto today.  

And not only in care I see this phenomenon. Also in education, universities. It is possible and now it is on us to keep this momentum going. To remember that transformation, using new technologies for the better, workforms, innovation should not be dependent on the pressures of a crisis, a pandemic or some other shock to the system.

It is really true that the only constant is change. 

Better to embrace this knowledge and steer our own destiny then to be overwhelmed by the next destructive impact of a crisis. It is not a negative doom scenario but shows a sense of reality when we say; it is not a question of whether but of when a new disruptive wave will hit…

Now is the time to use these new experiences, not to let down and set course for a truly new paradigm shift. It is within reach now. “

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Working on a Sunday Afternoon…

I can recommend the Explorer book to anyone looking for a different point of view. 😉

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, just doodling around. Typically time well spent to get some new insights. Re-read some old books. Rainy weather outside. Training done. What else is there to do on such a day. 😉

Working on a new to-do list. Have some reading to do. Why is it that this is always the first activity to fall of the list? I can maintain the work outs, the cycling. Watching the diet etc etc…(yeah really…)

But keeping up with the reading lists, the newsfeeds, the constant live ticker of flowing messages…that is a different challenge. As I am moving into some more consistent combinations of Design Thinking and Strategy I really will need to focus on spending my time well.

Part of the upcoming challenge for the next month(s) . Possible I can keep you posted on the progress and keep you up to speed on the new insights. This will particularly work on the combination of strategy tools and SDT.

I read a nice quote I totally agree with:

Innovation= fresh ideas+ Strategy + Change Management.

I have used this insight so many times. Because I totally experienced how innovation runs into the ground within an organization if the mindset and the processes around the innovative ideas are not embedded in the structural change management culture. Without one of these components you will have a hard time implementing anything I am afraid.

If you want to learn more on new tools to work on your strategy; keep this channel in sight as I am waiting on some new material from Norway to start working on these coming months.

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#STMT ; How Strategy Tools Master Training is different from anything I ever did…

Supercluster! simulation

Last week I spent in Stavanger at the office of Engage/Innovate. With people from Costa Rica, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany and Norway we worked 5 days on becoming certified Master Trainer in Strategy Tools.

Strategy Tools is a complete system built in both analog and digital form to help companies deal with strategic transformation, to help startups grow and scale and for clusters to become aware of a paradigm shift from triple helix into a pentagon form.

For corporates, SMEs and companies there are series on ‘Strategy & Transformation’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Business Models’ and ‘Customer Development’. All in all there are some 70+ canvasses you can use in your strategic conversations with customers, clients, boards and startups/ entrepreneurs.

For startups you can work on the ‘Startup series’. Here you can find tools on building your long term funding roadmap for instance. There is really a strong focus in helping to understand how to use funding in the growth strategy of a small company. For me this was really an eyeopener in building the power of a supercluster where the strong economic factors are weighing in to develop the strength of the whole ecosystem.

Clusters can grow into superclusters when they work on the following parts in the ‘Supercluster’ and ‘Ecosystem’ series’. This helps in understanding how a large number of stakeholders are responsible for a joint effort and success of the cluster. I think there is still a lot of conversation necessary in the cluster I come from to help this idea to a larger audience. I think the tools can be a great communication tool that supports the discussion and talks between the different actors.

Strategy visit at Equinor Norway

During the week we worked together with a group of 14 on sharing knowledge and experiences from our different careers in various settings of use cases and presentations.

Most of the time we split up in smaller groups to work of the challenges of the day.

Days started relatively early at 8.30 with a walk-in, coffee, discussion of the previous day and a planning of the day to come. Mutual dinners were planned and foreseen, but a lot went very differently from how we imagined it.

On one of the first days we decided to have food delivered and stayed working because we were all really enjoying the stuff we were working on. It was like that for most part of the week. Flexibility from everybody in delivering the most value for every participant in the training. So more than once we stayed till late in the evening discussion, working, laughing, eating, training, presenting and learning.

I have done a fair share of training in my professional life, but I can honestly say I never experienced such an enthusiasm and energy from a group with a willingness to learn and teach to each other. That was really something truly remarkable.

The week passed in no time obviously, but since then I have experienced and enjoyed a really profound change in how I approach conversations with the stakeholders in my ecosystem now. It’s more focused, more centered on ‘development’, be it on the customer site, their strategy, their product. I can even have a more meaningful conversation on their growth, planning or their funding. I hope to keep that flexibility of mind for a long time to come.

If you want to know more on this toolset and how to experience Strategy in a new way, please feel free to contact me.

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Yesterday we visited Equinor, a Norwegian Oil and Gas company on a transformation journey. We spoke to Kristian Fjelde, Head of Corporate Strategy Development. We talked about a number of strategic dilemma’s this oil and energy company is facing in the current times. Very interesting and challenging to have an inside look at how this corporate is working with the latest insights, strategies and different scenarios.

Werkbezoek bij HealthValley partner

Vandaag bij Piet van Duijnhoven. Eigenaar van D+D Mechatronics in Beugen. Samen kijken naar nieuwe ontwikkelingen binnen zijn bedrijf en de mogelijkheden voor zijn producten en kennis binnen de zorg. We hebben een aantal mooie ambities opgesteld voor 2020.

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