What Do I Do?

collage_workshop CIALE

My job title does not really cover the activities that I engage in during the day…sound familiar?

I work in a role of innovation manager, but to me that really is a combination of account- , project- and change management. A jack of all trades. But that might just be the way I like it.

In my career so far I have been active in a lot of different roles. And it seems that I am on the brink of yet another one direction. This year 2020 I have been actively involved in a community of global strategists that has changed my perception quite a bit over these last few months I must admit. With strategytools we have been steadily working on a variety of new digital ways to work with strategy all over the world. Building on digital simulations, workshops, presentations I am now actually in the process of writing a report on the Business Models for Clusters. It will be out in March 2021. 

So it might be time again to redefine my job description yet again. I am pretty sure that Innovation Manager will not remain. I am thinking about the alternative.

What do I do?

to be continued….