Why this blog?

When I started this blog I was working in a general hospital on the edge of IT and business. And the blog had that title; Healthcare and ICT. But as time moved on that wasn’t the correct title anymore for the content of the site. So I had to rearrange it.

And why this title? Why do I write here about things that interest me and over which I am curious, wondering, angry or which just strike me as odd. I really never had given the title of a blog much thought. But now I am thinking that the title says it all. It is really the first impression that makes the difference.

So Healthcare and ICT issues really wasn’t a good title anymore. Out with the old… in with the new. Because those issues are a too limited part of subject matter that I would like to write about. But what would I like to write about then?

I found out that in my work in the healthcare sector I came across more and more situations that I cared about. That struck me. Over which I was amazed. Or touched, or simply moved by. So I thought that this feeling or experience should be reflected in the title of the blog. And then please a little provocative of course, so I thought… I could care less

(for an interesting explanation on ‘couldn’t vs could care less’ see Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Hence the title…

And now that I have moved on and three fours years down a different path, with other contours but still related to healthcare, I notice that I care more and more how things are taken care of, or not. And that…I do care about…

Waarom dit blog?

En waarom deze titel? Waarom schrijf ik hier dingen op die mij interesseren en waar ik mij over verbaas, verwonder, boos maak of gewoon iets dat me opvalt. Ik had eigenlijk nooit zo over de titel van het blog nagedacht. Nu denk ik eigenlijk dat het natuurlijk heel belangrijk is hoe dit blog heet. Het is immers de eerste indruk die mede bepaald.

Dus Healthcare en ICT issues is geen goede naam meer. Out with the old…in with the new….Want dat is niet het enige waar ik over wil schrijven. Waarover dan wel?

Ik merk dat ik in mijn werk in de zorg steeds meer kijk naar de dingen die me zorgen baren. Waar ik me druk over maak. Waar ik me over verbaas. Of ontroerd , of gewoon geraakt wordt. Dus dat moet ook de titel worden. En dan liefst een beetje prikkelend, dus ik dacht; het zal mij een zorg zijn…

vandaar de titel…

Vier jaar verder en ik werk op een andere plek, met andere contouren maar nog steeds gerelateerd aan de zorg. En ik merk dat het me steeds meer een zorg is hoe dingen geregeld zijn, of niet. En dat …is me wel een zorg…



About me

Glad you made it to my page…

(…the sunset picture was taken at San Diego while visiting the Exponential Medicine conference back in 2015. If you ever get a change to go there…take the shot and experience!…)

I work as a Manager Healthcare Innovation Innovation Manager at Health Valley ( www.healthvalley.nl ). I look at new developments develop business for entrepreneurs in (information) technology who support healthcare. To make incremental changes improvements. I love trying out new things and look for ways to do, change the status quo and to implement.  Facilitate the workshops that help SMB change.

Interested in new ways of working I write about subjects related to healthcare and ICT, but also about productivity, Getting Things Done (GTD) and (Service) Design Thinking.

I live and work in Nijmegen. In my free time I love to sport (cycling), to read (Murakami or Roth) or see a movie.

What can I do for you?

In my job I have a lot of different roles. I am not always sure what they are specific. And maybe I also don’t really want to know.

I do know what I like, what gets my creative juices flowing, what gets me excited and energized.


Above here you see me on stage presenting Health Valley and some of it’s partners, abroad and in a foreign language. That was out of my comfort zone, but I still like to do it. Because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it makes me proud to be able to present some of the beautiful companies and technologies we have in our region.

I always hope that there will be a follow-up on one of these occasions. And now it seems that this might work out in the near future. In March 2019 we will have our annual event. The largest Lifesciences and Health event in the Netherlands and we will try to get as many international connections to Nijmegen the day prior to the conference.

So what else makes up one of the different roles in my job besides presenting?

I really like the different workshops I have been doing lately on so many varied subjects and challenges of the entrepeneurs. Doing the intake and setting up a design challenge is something that brings new questions and results everytime.

If you want to find out what I can do for you, drop me a line.

You can find more information on  my About.Me profile page.

Or you can look at my Strava page

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Service Design Thinking


I have blogged a lot on (Service) Design Thinking. It is one of the subjects that I am really passionate about. Why is that?

Let me try to explain.

For the sake of argument I consider the terminology Design Thinking, Service Design, Human Centered Design, Circular Design, Social Service etc etc synonymous. (We can talk about that in length some other time…)

Because it is all about change, yes change. Change (management). Taking a group of individuals from A to B. This can be a new process, a new product, a new market introduction etc etc.



Because in the end it is all about making something new with the end user in mind. Call it empathetic design, walking in your customer/patient shoes, a customer/patient journey. It all should serve to bring the change needed to better products, services and processes.

And with Circular Design, we can even bring change to the planet and still try to save it in the next second. This brilliant post by Cor Noltee will tell you more on this topic of sustainability and why it is so important for us all to make that change.

I will follow Cor on his new endeavour for a better planet. Will you too make that change?

[Update, 31-08-2018]

workshop day II

Above you see an impression of a 2 day workshop we held with Elitac on their strategy and portfolio management. The workshop was facilitated from within a project we did with various other partners. Although there were designers working within the company it was very good for the other team members to experience the design thinking methods. This way we were able to create a lot more synergy and mutual understanding within the company.

The coming month (sept 2018) I will be heavily engaged in facilitating various workshops for EUregio Rhein-Waal, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei, Boomerweb, Orikami & Vicarvision. These will all be about strategy and vision development. Idea generation for social service innovation. Developing new HR policy instruments with the help of various tooling and methodology from the field of SDT, HCD etc. etc. ( see the discussion on terminology in different posts here and there on this blog 😉


Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am really looking forward to this coming period where I can deep-dive myself in the field that I have been so passionate about for so long. We will finally see how this all adds up in the different settings, companies and stakeholders. As always I will keep you posted on the progress.

[Update, 8-10-2018]


What Do I Do?

collage_workshop CIALE

My job title is Innovation Manager. I think this is not always clear to people what an innovation manager does. So I thought I would sketch a typical day in the life of an innovation manager in the Health Valley region…