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I work in a role of international ecosystem director and innovation manager. I call myself an ecosystem strategy designer.

I connect, build & support (international) partnerships in ecosystems to sustain economic growth between academia, entrepreneurs, startups and governments.

My talent and drive lies in the guidance of the transformation process by using visual tool sets and facilitation techniques in order to design and develop the strategies necessary.

If you want to discuss what I can do for you use my calendly page to book a meeting.

In my career so far I have been active in a number of different roles. And it seems that I am on the brink of yet another direction. Since late 2019 I have been actively involved in a community of global strategists.

With strategytools we have been steadily working on a variety of new digital ways to work with strategy all over the world. Building on digital simulations, workshops, presentations I am now actually in the process of writing a report on the Business Models for Clusters. It will be out in March 2021.

[Update] ; You can find the report here