I have blogged a lot on (Service) Design Thinking (SDT). It is one of the subjects that I am really passionate about.

Let me try to explain what I really like about it.

I consider the terminology Design Thinking, Service Design, Human Centered Design, Circular Design, Social Service etc etc synonymous. (We can talk about that in length some other time…) but it is very well explained in this book, Service Design by Doing. 

So when I talk about SDT I mean a number of methodologies that make use of visual tools to bring change of some sort. Why is this important? Using a visual tool set in a heterogeneous group of individuals helps create a common language for the participants. Explaining a concept while they are all looking at the same ‘picture’ is really beneficial in the discussion is my experience.

Below you see a picture of one of the Customer Journeys we made with a startup from our incubator program in Digital Health a number of years ago. You really don’t need a lot of resources to very visually explain some of the key concepts that you find important in the design of your company.


[Update, 31-08-2018]

workshop day II

Above you see an impression of a 2 day workshop we held with a technical company on their strategy and portfolio management. Although there were designers working within the company it was very necessary for the other team members to experience the design thinking methods. This way we were able to create a lot more synergy and mutual understanding within the company.

I was engaged in facilitating various workshops for governments, academia, healthcare and corporates. Most of these were about strategy and vision development. Idea generation for social service innovation. Developing new HR policy instruments with the help of various tooling and methodology from the field of SDT, HCD etc. etc. ( see the discussion on terminology in different posts here and there on this blog 😉

Anyway, I am always looking forward to the opportunity where I can deep-dive in the problem solving capabilities and help out the customer.

As always I will keep you posted on the progress.

[Update, 4-10-2021]