Service Design Thinking


I have blogged a lot on (Service) Design Thinking. It is one of the subjects that I am really passionate about. Why is that?

Let me try to explain.

For the sake of argument I consider the terminology Design Thinking, Service Design, Human Centered Design, Circular Design, Social Service etc etc synonymous. (We can talk about that in length some other time…)

Because it is all about change, yes change. Change (management). Taking a group of individuals from A to B. This can be a new process, a new product, a new market introduction etc etc.



Because in the end it is all about making something new with the end user in mind. Call it empathetic design, walking in your customer/patient shoes, a customer/patient journey. It all should serve to bring the change needed to better products, services and processes.

And with Circular Design, we can even bring change to the planet and still try to save it in the next second. This brilliant post by Cor Noltee will tell you more on this topic of sustainability and why it is so important for us all to make that change.

I will follow Cor on his new endeavour for a better planet. Will you too make that change?