About me

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(…the sunset picture was taken at San Diego while visiting the Exponential Medicine conference back in 2015. If you ever get a change to go there…take the shot and experience!…)

I work as a Manager Healthcare Innovation Innovation Manager at Health Valley ( www.healthvalley.nl ). I look at new developments develop business for entrepreneurs in (information) technology who support healthcare. To make incremental changes improvements. I love trying out new things and look for ways to do, change the status quo and to implement.  Facilitate the workshops that help SMB change.

Interested in new ways of working I write about subjects related to healthcare and ICT, but also about productivity, Getting Things Done (GTD) and (Service) Design Thinking.

I live and work in Nijmegen. In my free time I love to sport (cycling), to read (Murakami or Roth) or see a movie.

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