Here you will find some of the recent roles and activities I have been working on. This will give some insight in the assignments that I am most comfortable in performing and achieving. 

  • Ecosystem Support Action Facilitator
    • For an European organization I am running a program to further design and develop ecosystem strategies and solutions for the coming years either as roadmaps or supporting guideline.
    • Facilitating online and onsite workshops with international customers.
  • Cluster manager Holland Semiconductors
    • I will connect the existing base of participating partners, build out the ecosystem development and work towards further internationalization of the community.
  • International ecosystem director
    • Responsible for all international connections and relations between EU regional networks and clusters in the field of Life Sciences and Health Innovation.
  • Innovation Manager
    • Working within the connection of entrepreneurs, academia, government and healthcare organizations to support and develop emerging innovation projects and collaborations. 



Consortium meeting EU project