I am so glad it is finally here. I pre-ordered this book already before it was officially released because I was really curious to find out what the successor of This is Service Design Thinking (tisdt.com) was bringing to the table.

And when I was at the conference in Amsterdam last October and meeting with Adam Lawrence and Lauren Currie. That meeting made it a no-brainer for the purchase of this book.

So the trouble now is how to relate the new information of this book to the pages of this blog. I am really struggling with that.

In October 2010 their first book on Service Design Thinking came out and I bought it right away  after I saw it at Herengracht 265. It was a book that brought together maybe for the first time in a comprehensive manner the theory on Service Design. The last few years we saw more and more different terminology surfacing regarding SDT. Which is one of the reasons I think that they started with this new book because in a way it is not about thinking in this matter but about doing.

So I will add different sections to this subject as I go along in the book and write as always about the things I care about…