So the first post is out there. I am still contemplating what I should record here. Work, hobbies, family? It doesn’t matter I guess, because you can take it anywhere you want.


Maybe I should have a look around to see how others are using their space on the web, to log what they find worth telling to other people.
I think I could talk about my family life, my work, basically about anything that interests me. So that is in no particular order the following; running, family, work, computers, books, reading, music, internet, movies, formula one racing, television, iPaq, gadgets, charles bukowski, allen ginsburg, Beat Generation, writing, friends, travelling, games like Machiavelli, board games as well as on the computer, like Age of Empires, although I rarely find time to do that, city trips, Italy,volleyball, inline skating.


Lets leave it to that for a while. Should be enough ties in there to start typing away.
Ok, so have fun reading and feel free to post your comments and other thoughts. Does it work like that?
I have no clue.