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How does your weekly review agenda look like?

I’ve just finished mine and decided to share my agenda with all of you good people. Am I missing something? http://bit.ly/aEXags

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  1. Like this, pretty much


    I tend to look at 4 weeks back and 2 weeks ahead in my calendar, but tother than that it is not very different to yours.

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  2. Tickler file review? I guess if you’re checking it daily like you’re supposed to it wouldn’t be part of your weekly review. I love the 43 folders concept but I find myself continually moving things back to later folders!…

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  3. I love the tickler file concept. I have implemented it using the good old Outlook calendar functionality 🙂 I have my Outlook calendar available 24/7 on my Android smartphone, so it’s no problem really 🙂

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  4. Maybe add “Empty Collectors” – I know this is done more than once a week – but its how I also like to start a weekly review. Also maybe add “Review @Agendas” with people ?

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  5. This is my weekly review checklist:

    Mission Critical
    Weekly review – pull out GTD write up on weekly review
    -Loose papers into inbasket

    -Process notes
    -Review previous calendar data
    -Review upcoming calandar
    -Empty my head (put on action lists – review trigger lists)
    -Review action lists
    -Review wf lists
    -Review Project and (larger outcome) lists
    -Review any relevant checklists (use as trigger for new actions)

    -@action email file
    -Review someday/maybe list
    -Be Creative & Courageous

    Expense account
    Whiteboard “large rocks” for following week
    Bi-weekly review of key projects and update master spreadhseet for changes/review with rep
    Scan @ action email and orange file

    How did we do with “customer is king message”?

    What should I ask myself?
    -saving money?
    -coaching/making my team more effective
    -focus on pipeline – is my team closing business…am I helping?

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  6. Darla Brown

    Darla Brown

    Experienced Manager & Technology Consultant

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    @Jeff – I like the “whiteboard large rocks for following week” on your weekly review. Whiteboarding is such a great practice and helps others see what your focus is for the week.

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  7. Thanks….”large rocks” are those priority items I need to keep my attention on throughout the week. It was a Covey reference about time management – when filling a jar, put the “large rocks” in first and then fill with pebbles…get more in the jar that way.

    Whiteboarding and Mindmapping has been a great help. I also agree re the tickle file…one of my most valuable tools.

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  8. Hamed Bastan-Hagh

    Hamed Bastan-Hagh

    Specialist Recruiter for Process, Safety and Risk

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    Nothing revolutionary from me: I use David Allen’s basic structure, tweaked to my own personal workflow.


    Collect loose papers and materials (including expenses, receipts, business cards)

    Get ???IN??? to zero
    Process physical in-tray
    Notes from jotter and Moleskine
    Meeting notes
    Voicemails (office phone, Blackberry and mobile)
    Email inboxes (Outlook and Gmail)

    Empty your head: put into writing???
    Any new ideas for projects
    Action items

    Review action lists
    Mark off completed actions
    Review for any further action steps to be recorded

    Review Past Calendar
    Remaining action items
    Reference data

    Review upcoming Calendar
    Capture any actions triggered

    Review Waiting-For list
    Check off completed actions
    Record necessary actions for any follow-up

    Review Project (and Larger Outcome) lists
    Evaluate current status of each project: all should have at least one next action
    Ensure that all projects have defined goals
    Browse project plans, support material to trigger any actions

    Review Checklists and other documents
    Pipeline and Lead Sheets
    Active jobs in RDB
    Recent Applicant Actions in RDB

    Review Someday/Maybe
    Promote anything to active projects that should be active
    Delete any items that are no longer of interest

    Any other ideas, pieces of inspiration that should be recorded

    I have my Weekly Review in Outlook as a recurring all-day event every Friday: when I get to the office on Friday morning I allocate a specific slot for it depending on my schedule and commitments for that day. Seems to work pretty well.

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  9. Just a question, how long do your weekly reviews take you? It takes me from 1,5 to 2 hours to finish one. And it is mostly about things I do at home, family life etc.

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  10. I have built up a mind map for my weekly review. Fits on one page and I find it easier to focus on and tick off

    Typically takes 1-1.5 hours but you have to stick to the 2 (stretch to 5) minute rule or you’ll never finish it.

    If you are new to GTD keep your Weekly Review as short as possible to make it attractive to do each week.

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  11. Piaras, can you post a snapshot of your mindmap? I use “Freemind”. Would be curious to see your version. Thanks.

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  12. Hi Piaras, I’m also curious to see your mind map. And you are right, not sticking to the 2 min rule is a culprit, when it comes to overly long weekly review sessions.

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  13. Murray Portnoff

    Principal Technical Consultant, Operations Optimization Hub, NA at SAP America, Inc.

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    I’ve started using the GTD-PHP application (local web-server based,Linux). Along with a great user interface, the Weekly Review is well structured, with embedded links to take to the right places (projects, actions, etc.).


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  14. My weekly review starts by emptying the trash cans – so that it is mentally easier to toss stuff. (Small business owners do it all).

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  15. Kelly Forrister

    Kelly Forrister

    VP of Interactive Education at David Allen Company

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    I asked David recently in a podcast if the Weekly Review had to exactly like the chart in the book (or here: https://secure.davidco.com/store/catalog/GTD-WEEKLY-REVIEW-p-16165.php ) and he said no. The intention is to do what you need to do to get clear & current…so that you can be creative. Some weeks all I do is update lists (mark complete and add to), and others are a full scrub of everything.

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  16. Darla Brown

    Darla Brown

    Experienced Manager & Technology Consultant

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    Here’s my long-form Weekly Review. I also have a short one in case I’m too busy and just need a quick refresh & update. I have a Project set-up in OmniFocus called Weekly Review Template with a Context of Weekly Review. I check off each action as I move through the review.

    ~Get Binder & Open to Weekly Review (Davidco’s Weekly Review templates)
    ~Start Music Playing
    ~Read “Rampage of Appreciation”

    ~Empty Brain (refer to Trigger List) with mindmap? actions? projects?
    ~Collect Loose Papers, Items and Materials and Digital Items from around House, Purse, Car, Desk, Folders
    ~Get Inboxes to Zero from Digital and Non-Digital Capture Points (Email, OmniFocus, Evernote, Zenbe, Twitter, Facebook, Voicemails, Text Messages, & Computer Desktop) (This means scanning all my inboxes and entering the captured actions & projects directly into OmniFocus.)

    ~@OmniFocus Review Action Lists (includes W/F and Agendas)
    ~@iCal Review Previous Calendar Data and Events, Schedule events, Capture Actions
    ~@iCal Review Upcoming Calendar Data and Events, Capture Actions, Schedule events
    ~@OmniFocus Review Project Lists
    ~@Desk Open folders on desk; capture projects and actions (My project & client folders)
    ~@Computer1 & @Computer2 Look at Computer & Laptop Desktop Folders; capture projects and actions, clean-up (During the week, I often save Docs & Downloads to my computer desktop. It’s a temporary, quick Inbox. I process it each week during the weekly review and also change my desktop background.)
    ~@OmniFocus Review Areas of Focus Lists, activate project if needed
    ~@iPhone Ensure updated & synced, check podcasts, audiobooks, music
    ~@Kindle Content to Manage? PDFs to email?

    ~@Computer Open “Moi” (mindmap which shows my personal Runway to 50,000 Levels) & read, capture, update (Documents/Personal)
    ~@Omnifocus Review Someday/Maybe Lists & capture/activate
    ~@Zenbe Review Lists & capture/activate

    ~@OmniFocus Copy Weekly Review Folder for Next week
    ~@ical Schedule next weekly review time

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  17. Shakeel Akhtar, PMP

    Shakeel Akhtar, PMP

    IT Program Manager at WellPoint striving to excel at day-to-day execution and having fun in the process.

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The discussion has been very helpful to me. The weekly review has been on and off my calendar ..more off than on. Darla’s long form weekly review is impressive. I use OmniFocus on Mac and iPhone. So, will borrow some useful tips from Darla’s weekly review.

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  • Jean Issler

    Jean Issler

    Job Placement Coordinator at Mid Nebraska Community Action

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    I’m not good at doing my weekly review yet, but everything I’m reading here is inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

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  • Phil Beavers

    Phil Beavers

    VP of Institutional Advancement at Great Lakes Christian College

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    I use Nozbe ( http://www.nozbe.com/a-8C4EC6C4 ) to keep my projects and next actions in line as I do my weekly review. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me in “emptying my brain” and putting projects and actions from my inbox in the right place as I do my review.

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  • Vivian Kimball

    Vivian Kimball

    M.S. Candidate in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England

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    @Richard, I was having the same problem with continually moving things to later folders, and I found it was very stressful and guilt-inducing. So I stopped putting tasks in the tickler file, unless they’re 2-minutes-or-less tasks. I realized that the “tasks” I was putting in there were actually Project Support items, and since I was managing the actual tasks in OmniFocus already, I didn’t need the mental weight of them in my tickler file. So now I put them into the appropriate Project folders, or if they are short-term items that don’t warrant the creation of a new folder, I have a generic Project Support folder for those.

    As for my Weekly Review, I’ve incorporated Cal Newport’s GTDCS:

    Empty backpack
    Empty head
    Process physical