1. What is Design Thinking? Which benefits may I expect when implementing it as a management strategy? 

2. How can innovation be systematically triggered ?
 How can I implement Design Thinking into my own projects?

3. Talking about the potential of Design Thinking – what kind of best practices are there ?

4. What kind of team do I need to in order to initialize a Design Thinking process?


The next couple of weeks I will be looking into these questions and hopefully learn some of these answers. And I am enthusiastic about these knid of quesions because I think they give some sort of guidance in recent developments.

In current day to day practice I find that sometimes Innovation and doing new things is mistakenly associated having to deal with rules and regulations. In a simple definition one might say that innovation is doing new things, but that doesn’t mean one should disregard previous built-up knowledge on how to do certain things. Best practices from project management, change management, product development or whatever field of expertise you want to call it. There is no substitution for non-logical running around without scope, without ownership, without a sense of direction.

When that is the case, innovation is not innovation, it is simply being lost, hoping to find some sort of bearing point….