The analog system for the digital age

Source: Bullet Journal: The Analog system for the digital age – The analog system for the digital age


I have been using Ryder´ s system Bullet Journal for several years now. And as the year is coming to an end I thought it might be time to make a little wave around this system to have you start maybe something new in the coming year.

It is really a low tech, high touch type of productivity tool that can easily be set up in a number of ways and is flexible and useful in a great variety.

I use it primarily for note taking on meetings after which I can easily record the various action points that have come my way. But it is just as easy to use it as a journal like the name implies.

My best advice is to have a look around at the gorgeous website and see if you can not get excited about this.

Hope it can help you make more of your dreams and aspirations in the coming year. Good luck!