…but wait…the day gets even better.

After getting up early I did my favourite morning routine. I wrote @fackeldeyfinds that I succeeded in my attempt getting up early. I wrote my blog. I received visitors. Had breakfast after one hour approximately and went on doing the usual business.

Getting on the bike in bringing my Benjamin to school we just crossed the main road as we saw a wallet on the floor. I looked around, pulled over and picked it up really quickly. Benjamin said; it that’s man in front of us cycling. Who?  I asked as I didn’t see anyond that fitted the description.

“No, he already turned left” I started chasing and said to Benjamin; Hurry up get to school I see you there. Turning left I saw the youngman cyccling some 200 yards up the road. I stepped up my tempo and try to decrease the distance. Thanks to all my cycling in summer; piece of cake. I called him and when he stopped asked him if he had lost something?

Unforgettable smile….

After ten minutes I got to school, Benjamin looks at me and says; Did he get it?

I said yes, no problem…the guy was so happy

Unforgettable smile again….