For a more elaborate explanation of the term serendipity you can best read this Dutch article.

This morning I am listening to unknown music as this best helps in focusing when you have a task to do. Known music distracts you too much since the music takes you to the memories associated with the music. In my case not desirable since I had to write a number of poems…Dutch people know why, others will have to look into the story about Sinterklaas.

The unknown music I am using is the album Shape Shifter by Santana. I had never listened to it very closely I must admit, but while I was working I couldn’t help but the music penetrating my conscience. I was struck by the light melancholic tone of it combined with the positive vibe of Latin American music. It reminded me of something but I was not quite sure what it was.

Then I took a closer look at the various titles of the songs on the album…right there and then I felt something hit me without a doubt.

“Angelica Faith, you are Ah Sweet dancer after a Spark of the Divine in the Light of A New Day I will never be the same again.”

That’s a love story in itself…beautiful to be able to read something between the lines.

Discovering something by change meeting, serendipity…

I feel so much better now… 😉