Reason for this article title is the following announcement by Evernote. A service I have been using for years, I hvae 14000+ notes in there and I am happily to pay for its Premium account for years now.

In short they are updating their privacy policy to having employees look at your notes because they will have to look into machine learning algorithms.

However machine learning can probably help getting the system even better. (Again, I really love this product). I am really wondering what they have been thinking to communicate this change in this way, but more over how they changed their policy in a way that I can only imagine a lot of people turning their back on the service now.

A lot of different reports are over the internet at Techcrunch for instance. Also this Forbes article speaks of the outrage that is going on under the paying customers of the service.

You can encrypt notes when you use the desktop version, which I do not since I am running the web version on my Chromebook. I am afraid I will have to take my business elsewhere since I have a lot of the information in there that needs encryption.

This company once valued over a billion dollars I am afraid will not sustain much longer…