For some time I have been following the blogging site of Google HR on the new ways of working within their company. This ‘card’ arrived this morning in the mail with a whole bunch of redirects to their content over the past year, I thought it might be interesting to post it hear so you have everything in one place. Enjoy!


It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year
When we reflect on accomplishments with humility and cheer
Make sure to thank your colleagues for all that they do
And don’t forget to recognize their informal contributions, too
It’s also time to start looking ahead
To brainstorm OKRs and ensure your work cred
Involve your team as you strive towards goal clarity
And foster psych safety to improve team productivity
From hiring to managing, there’s much to be done
All while fighting off imposter syndrome (no, you’re not the only one)
And don’t forget to write up that personal OKR
Be it well-being or unbiasing, be sure to reach far
Remember that you are a workplace trendsetter
Who never stops finding ways to #makeworkbetter
A sincere thank you for making this year a dream
And for your continued commitment to the future of work in 2017!

Whatever you decide, help inspire others by sharing your new year’s work resolution.

Happy new year from the re:Work team!





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