While listening to the best songs of the past year I am working in an empty office space. (Some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue… 😉

Nevermind. What I am working on is a new schedule for this year´s challenges. Let’s mention a few. Businesswise as well as personal goals for this year are as follows:

  • 3 different EU projects to start, maintain, follow-up
  • Finding new ways to cooperate with different clusters
  • Some 20+ matchmaking events
  • 12 conference visits across the year and across Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
  • 300+ partnerships to uphold and maintain
  • Welcoming some 1300+ guests at the Health Valley Event, March 9th 2017

So I need some good best practices in place to keep me sane during the coming year.

This is how I see it;

  • Work on my morning routine. See my twitter account for how that is working out in #morningroutine.
  • Use my purple HealthValley Dopper more often during the day.
  • Train hard. See #MDD31 at Twitter account. 179 days left to get in topshape.
  • Use the oil&water hourglass (topright) to get uninterupted focustime at the office. (Just have to instruct my co-workers…)
  • Using the journal in planning the day ahead on the night before.
  • Not forget to use the creative side of the Sharpie pens 😉
  • Blog more on the process. So I can keep track of the progress…

The proces will involve applying a lot of the productivity hacks I have accumulated over the past years. This year will be the ultimate test to see what works for me and what not. I thought I might be interesting to keep you updated overhere on these pages.

Any comments or suggestions I might try, feel free to leave a note.