Yesterday after completing the first part of Murakami’s new masterpiece, ‘Killing Commendatore’, pt. 1, I realized my collection of his works was not finally complete without these last 4 works. So I looked around and ordered them all at once. I read the English versions of the Dutch translations before, but I want to have all of his books in Dutch and English. So part one of that collection is now finished.

I have 8 or 9 English copies, so it won’t take too long hopefully to collect the rest. And I must say that it brings an extra dimension to the work of Murakami if you read the same book in different languages.

For instance I have read “Hard-boiled Wonderland…” in English and can’t wait to read it again in Dutch now. This Saturday pt. 2 of Commendatore will be in the bookstore, so I will finish that book first before I will start on the ones below.