…sometimes the day just works out brilliantly.

You get up early like your new years resolution you again committed to. I get up at six and work on my morning routine. Read the news feeds I like to follow and pick one beautiful building a day for my blog series.

I drink water, do early morning stretch exercises and crunches and work until about 7.30 after which I wake up the kids to have breakfast.

In the office by 8.30 to pick up some paperwork for the meeting that is about to take place. Notes were send prior to the participants. Everybody is prepared. We take care of the progress report we have to send in by the end of the month and prepare for the closing meeting of the project that we will have by the end of June this year.

I get home by 13.30 and have the afternoon off as always on Friday. I am on my bicycle by 14.00. I ride hard for two hours. Get back home. Get cleaned up. Do laundry, grocery shopping. And make pancakes for my youngest, who returns from hockey practice and is starving. Things do not get much better than this.

Getting things done does not always come from lists and to-do’s, sometimes it just happens by itself. Those days seem like a perfect pancake to me.