… a beautiful cloakedhouse a day….

© João Morgado Architects: 3r Ernesto Pereira Location: Marco de Canaveses, Portugal Architect In Charge: Ernesto Pereira Design Team: Tiago Pedrosa Martins, Daniela Leitão Area: 140.0 m2 Project Year: 2017 Photographs: João Morgado Construction And Coordination: 3r Ernesto Pereira Construction Team: Helder Moreira, Joaquim Linhares, José Rocha, Maria José Pereira, Joaquim Pinto, Rui Silva, Bruno Moreira, Marco Silva © João Morgado “(…) a daring delight for the senses, where the unlikely happens and Magic abounds!” – quote from the customer, Alexandra Ferreira. © João Morgado Looking at this project, it is indeed the sensations we experience that leave their mark as we think, walk and live through it. © João Morgado Floor Plan © João Morgado This project was clearly inspired by the place, a piece of land surrounded by chestnut trees, incredibly ripped into the mountain, flanked by a stream that flows down the hillside and a magnificent open view of the other side of the valley perfectly nestled into the natural landscape. © João Morgado It was this bucolic scenario that led to an enterprise that had no intention of imposing itself on the surrounding nature, but rather blending, hiding and transforming with it.

Source: CloakedHouse / 3r Ernesto Pereira