Every morning when I get up early I am looking through my feeds. Looking for interesting articles to read and possible learn from it. It is just my favourite way of starting the day


I use Feedly because it presents the various information sources in a magazine-like form. It just looks great. And it has a lot of standard integrations for your other social media.

Actually I think I selected it way back, because it had a instant link with WordPress that I have been using for ages. But that is not really the point I am trying to make 😉

Since feedly uses a number of other sites and incoming streams, I arrange them on topic and the program sets it in alphabetically order. Sounds logical, right?

So then what usually happens I start at the top of the list with #Architecture. Flipping through the pictures of building I more or less select one that catches my eye and I put it up here in the series …a beautiful building a day.

But because architecture is not the only subject in my feed and I have limited time in the morning for this routine I realized I usually don’t get beyond the first category…

So this morning I will start at the end of the list and present an interesting article from the bottom of my feedly magazine and clip something from #Uncategorized, #Technology or #Strategy.

Whichever is first beyond that impression.

Maybe it will become a series in itself.