Just saw the movie ‘Lost & Found‘ in a hotel room in Brussels.

To add a little melodrama to the setting. The movie is set in Berlin, a city I also love.

He plays a novelist with writer’s block! She is Hannah Hoekstra…duh…

They meet by change, ten years after they had a great head-over-heels love affair in South-America, in Berlin. That affair didn’t end that well after she never responded to the many letters he wrote to her after they returned to Europe.

They spent the night in Berlin walking, talking, dancing in a silent disco, and contemplating what could have been, if things had taken another turn.

Falling in love is easy, anybody can do that. After that sticking to it no matter what, is what really counts…’

Will they finally manage to leave the past behind, you will have to see for yourself.

I really loved this movie.

#paralleluniverse #nosuchthingascoincidence