#CIALE workshop #Orikami #EFRO @HealthValley

collage_workshop CIALE


Today I worked with the team of #Orikami Data scientists on their mission, vision and strategy by using #DesignThinking methodology.

By framing their key value statements we worked through analyzing trends and markets to an Innovation Thesis. In this canvas we capture the onset of the years to come, the focus on market and products and the prospective customer fields we want to focus on as a company.

Most importantly we also make selections of things and activities we will stop doing in the future. In this way we are freeing up resources, energy and people to help steer direction where the company wants to move to.

Tomorrow in day two we will work on the various stakeholder mappings, target groups and respective value propositions that come along with it.

Really looking forward to another day of high energy working with these talented group of young professionals.


If you want to know more on how these workshops might help your strategic challenges in a fast moving entrepeneurial world, feel free to reach out to me by leaving a comment.  Looking forward to your reactions.

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