“Every once in a while you need a hard reset…”

Last Thursday I went on a trip with a friend I had not seen for 4 years. Not because of a fall out or anything but because of relative distance.

“…Sometimes you just can’t get together…”

Fact was that he was here, in Europe, I was there as well, and we made arrangements to meet.

I picked him and his wife up at the airport and because of the terrible traffic  we had enough time to catch up on things of the past. After two hours of chatting we reached Nijmegen just in time to get to the restaurant.

The one on the river side in the old factory. We climbed the nearby terrace of the coffee place, where they don’t need to tell you how f*&king good their coffee is…you know the one. Just to have a look at the river and the new developments across the other side.

We went inside and enjoyed a really nice dinner, wine and good conversation. The restaurant wasn’t that crowded so the waiter had plenty of time explaining the different courses to us. Actually he had so much time on his hand it became a bit annoying.

” You lose track of time sometimes, blink your eyes and you’re 4-5 months or even years down the road…”

We settle the bill and ride our car back home. Designated driver appointed before we went. Don’t worry.

I suggest a visit to one of my favourite cafe’s. I really would like it if my American friend can see my local hangout.

” We can be heroes…I can remember standing by the Wall…”

Without going into much more detail of the further proceedings of the night I learned that although time flies by quickly before you might get a chance to meet each other again, that doesn’t mean you lose track of eachother or are out of one’s mind or thoughts.

The one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Distance in time or place says nothing on emotional connection…