Back in the series… A beautiful building a day….

Courtesy of Kjellander Sjoberg Kjellander Sjoberg has revealed plans to transform the historical building Gjuteriet into an innovative, open public meeting place. Located in the Varvstaden district, a new sustainable neighborhood in Malmö, Sweden , the project will become a contemporary and versatile work environment.

Source: Kjellander Sjoberg to Transform Former Shipbuilding Industry into Vibrant Creative Hub in Malmö, Sweden


Maybe after the pandemic and returning to the ‘new normal’ these kind of buildings will become the new go-to working spaces even more than returning to your regular office. For sure there will be need for much more flexibility in where we will work, relax, sport, play and have fun.

You thought 2020 was extraordinary; wait and see what 2021 will bring.